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In the Face of Bullying

Asian American teens bear the brunt of bullies, but a group of Philadelphia teens shows it can be stopped.

Writer: Helen I. Hwang

On a cold December day in 2009, just weeks before Christmas, 15-year-old Trang Dang was walking home from school with her sister and eight friends, all recent...

Helen I. Hwang | Feature, Issue 24: Survival - Winter 2011
| Comments: 16

Bullying includes verbal taunting, physical assaults, exclusion from a peer group, spreading rumors and cyber bullying — and Asian Americans are the most frequently bullied ethnic group, according...

Helen I. Hwang | Feature, Issue 24: Survival - Winter 2011
| Comments: 3
Medical Malpractice?

Filipino nurses fight back against discrimination in the workplace

Writer Catherine A. Traywick

Jane Sandoval can’t speak a lick of Tagalog — her parents made sure of that. “There’s no excuse for you to not speak well. You were born here,” her father used...

Catherine A Traywick | Feature, Issue 24: Survival - Winter 2011
| Comments: 3
Talking Back

Women are looking to the Internet to respond boldly to street harassment.

Alison Roh Park was 14 the first time she saw a man masturbating across from her on the subway. Another time, a group of drunk white men obstructed her path outside a bar and asked for a massage...

Nicole Wong | Lazy Susan, Issue 24: Survival - Winter 2011
| Comments: 1
Sea Change

Gulf Coast Vietnamese Americans look to the future after the BP oil spill

Writer Nina Kahori Fallenbaum
Photographer Lisa Cates

Some say that Asian America began in Louisiana. In the late 1700s, Filipino sailors escaped Spanish galleons and started shrimping...

Nina F. Ichikawa | Food and Agriculture, Issue 24: Survival - Winter 2011
Playing with History

A new videogame turns its focus on Japanese internment camps in the racially segregated South.

Since I was very young, I have seen photographs of Jerome, AR. In one, my grandmother is standing in front of a black tar paper-covered barrack. She is holding my infant mother, who is wrapped in...

Cathlin Goulding | Lazy Susan, Issue 24: Survival - Winter 2011

Saif Ansari
Really, Abercrombie? Did you have to act a fool again? I get it: Hijabs don't exactly jive with the...

Sylvie Kim | Front of the Book, Issue 24: Survival - Winter 2011
Resistance Is Futile

How to use a Chinese finger trap in multiple survival situations.


• Chinese Finger Trap, natch
• A Situation

The Chinese finger trap dates back to the early 6th century BC when Lao Tzu, under attack by alien rebels...

Annette Lee | Recipe, Issue 24: Survival - Winter 2011
I Quit

If you hate your job, don't be so Asian American about it.

There comes a time in your life when your job doesn't feel like a job. It starts to feel like a career, like work you want to do for the rest of your life. You don't mind waking up every morning...

Dino-Ray Ramos | Popped: Pop Culture, Issue 24: Survival - Winter 2011
From Hardship, A Relationship

Two Japanese Americans’ tale of survival during tough times

Sadako Kashiwagi cherishes a certain knitted charcoal-gray sweater she’s worn for more than 40 years. It was a gift from a store owner who had fallen on hard times and had to close shop. At the...

Kevin Lee | Issue 24: Survival - Winter 2011, People

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