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Hyphen is an volunteer-run organization. Positions are paid in love and snacks.

This is how we thank you! Delicious food from our staff holiday party/appreciation. Photo courtesy of Andria Lo (www.andrialo.com)




Web Programmer

Experience working with content management systems like Joomla or Drupal and integrating third-party features. Also, programming experience with PHP or Perl and intermediate proficiency with databases, XHTML, CSS, Javascript.

Web Designer

  • Experience with Dupal
  • Coding front-end to work on four major browsers (Firefox Windows, Firefox Mac, Safari, IE)
  • Proficient with Photoshop or other graphic applications

Web Content Producer

  • Post conent on the site: articles, photos, podcats, multi-media content
  • Persnickity about formatting and consistency 
  • Help test the site to make sure it's functioning correctly

Qualified candidates send resumes to Nina Reyes, Web Director at: nina[dot]reyes[at]hyphenmagazine.com.




Hyphen is looking for credible, smart, bookish, overachieving, dusty-fingered, detailed-oriented and opinionated editors and writers. Our staff members are news junkies who are interested in social justice issues, politics and pop culture. There is no money involved, just the experience of working alongside the finest Asian American minds that community college ever produced.

Issues that affect Asian Americans are what we cover. While our focus is Asians living in the United States, we also strive to cover the international Asian diaspora through the lens of the Asian American experience. But, we'll still cringe at anything with the phrase "East meets West" in it.

Previous journalism experience desired, but we're open to newcomers.

We're especially looking for people in the following areas to help us produce our print magazine and website:


The blog editor manages a team of regular columnists and occasional bloggers/staff contributors, providing them with content edits and copyedits of their posts as well as technical support in our CMS. Specific duties include:

  • Maintaining publishing calendar for recurring writers as well as one-off posts and special events (film festivals, Mr. Hyphen, et cetera). Coordinating publishing schedules with other teams (Edit, Biz)
  • Providing deeper content edits to blog posts when necessary to shape structure, tone, argument, and maintain Hyphen voice
  • Copyediting posts for spelling, grammar, formatting, and length
  • Formatting text, images, and video in Drupal CMS. Spot-checking for correct tags, categories, and dates
  • Pitching ideas to bloggers and coordinating publishing dates. Vetting pitches based on Hyphen voice and mission
  • Recruiting/vetting blogger applicants and getting new writers oriented with Hyphen
  • Coordinating Facebook and Twitter posts with social media staffers
  • Providing general writing and technical guidance to blog staff
  • Managing other administrative tasks such as vetting blog comments

Please contact Cynthia(dot)Brothers(at)hyphenmagazine(dot)com with inquiries and questions.



Top of our wish list are news junkies interested in social justice issues, election coverage, and tracking acts of brilliance from the three branches of government as they affect Asian Americans. We want writers and editors familiar with key figures and debates at a national level, and who also know major Asian American figures in the political landscape and their history on issues. Especially keen on those who keep abreast of ethnic media (such as ColorLines, Racialicious), as well as major issues impacting other communities of color.


Help enhance Hyphen's Internet presence. If you can tweet, Facebook, edit, write and know what HTML stands for, we're looking for you. The web producers work under the Online Editor to manage our social media and website, which can include posting blog entries and news stories, archiving of print edition content and other production duties. They coordinate with editorial, social media, blog and tech team members to keep Hyphen's website fresh and current. Familiarity content management systems, especially Drupal, is a plus.


Help develop the in-depth stories that anchor the magazine. We're looking for a team of editors to put together stories that explore a more complex representation of Asian America that is missing from most media. They can be serious, they can be funny, but most of all they are enlightening and well-crafted for both print and web.


FOB editors coordinate the shorter, fun, quirky features that open the print magazine. We need editors who can use style and humor to create a section that draws in readers.


Wordsmiths with a sense of style and substance are what we're looking for in a Hyphen copy editor. If you can shine copy like car wax and make headlines sing, we're looking for you. Previous copy editing experience and knowledge of AP style desired.


Hyphen is looking for writers with style and sass to cover a range of topics from the frivolous to the serious, for both our print editions and website. Assignments may range from profiles to in-depth feature stories, current events-oriented news and analysis to book, movie and music reviews -- so long as they are well written and solidly reported.

Hyphen blog columnists need to have an engaging, conversational style consistent with the Hyphen voice, and be highly informed about Asian American culture and politics. Columnists must commit to posting once every four weeks on topics of interest to Asian America. They should have basic HTML editing skills and be familiar with AP style.

We're also looking for writers to contribute content on a freelance basis in any of the above categories. To freelance or guest post, please see our submission guidelines.

General Duties & Responsibilities for Editorial Team:

  • Attend editorial meetings (at least every two weeks)
  • Help determine overall editorial direction of the magazine, and themes for each issue
  • Brainstorm story ideas that fit within those themes
  • Recruit freelance writers and work closely with them to meet deadlines
  • Edit stories from 300 to 3,000 words
  • Fact-check copy
  • Work with art department to request or suggest art for stories you are editing
  • Proofread

Knowledge and Skills:

  • Proven editing and professional journalism experience
  • Able to snarl at bad copy and rewrite the lead five times -- each one better than the last
  • Basic copy editing skills (Knowledge of AP Style a plus)
  • Loves to spell check
  • Plans life around deadlines
  • Can wear multiple hats and pick up the slack
  • Post-identity politicked
  • Down for the cause but not obsessed by it
  • Not easily offended or dissuaded by hard-asses
  • Loves culture, your momma and self (not in that order)

We prefer that our editors be landlocked to the San Francisco Bay Area (though consideration is extended to those living elsewhere). Blog columnists and staff writers, however, may work remotely.

Those interested in any of the editorial/magazine positions should send the following materials:

  • a letter of interest
  • resume
  • three writing samples

Blog applicants, please send your application to blog[at]hyphenmagazine[dot]com with the subject "Blogger."

All other (non-blog) candidates, please send your application to Michele Carlson, Managing Editor, at michele[dot]carlson[at]hyphenmagazine[dot]com with the subject "Editorial Team Position."


Hyphen is looking for dedicated, persistent, won't-take-no-for-an-answer wordsmith and research superheroes to show us the money(!) and direct our fundraising efforts. We need passionate individuals to convert readers into believers and donors.

We have a strong immediate need for:


The Development Director will play a key role in leading Hyphen magazine toward long-term sustainability. 


Grant writers will be instrumental in securing funding and ensuring Hyphen’s long-term sustainability. Grant writers will be working as a team along with the Development Director to meet Hyphen’s financial short- and long-term goals. 

General Duties & Responsibilities for Develpment Team:

  • Fundraising, fundraising, fundraising. And more fundraising! Establish financial goals and execute various fundraising methods such as approaching institutional donors, applying to private and public grant sources, orchestrating crowd source funding campaigns, organizing solicitation drives, and leveraging other innovative and creative fundraising means
  • Initiate contact with potential donors and other funding sources, and cultivate long-lasting relationships. Schmoozing at events, networking, missive-writing, and regular phone calls are an all-around essential part of the job
  • Research potential granters and keep up-to-date with emerging grant opportunities
  • Grow and maintain Hyphen’s donor database and funding records; generate reports as needed
  • Recruit and nurture staff members to ensure progressive professional development and high morale

Knowledge and Skills:

  • Experience is awesome, but more important to Hyphen is passion, drive, and the commitment to continual learning. If you have only basic experience, but are hungry to learn and prove yourself, then go right on ahead and apply!
  • Plays nice with others. Thrives in a teamwork-oriented environment, able to work well cross-departmentally with other staff members, as well as with external organizations 
  • Have the eloquence and profound wisdom of Socrates. Ok, just kidding. But you should have strong verbal and written communication skills. That means you are keenly articulate in conversations and quickly incisive with the written word
  • Good with doing homework. Pays attention to details, thinks critically, prepares thoroughly, and anticipates potential problems

Qualified candidates send materials to Tina Hsu (tina.hsu (at) hyphenmagazine(dot)com with the the subject "Development Team":

  • a letter of interest
  • resume
  • grant samples & short narrative of how you've contributed to the grant


Hyphen is looking for smart, overachieving, creative, articulate, innovative, detailed-oriented and above all, dedicated members to join its Business Team. We are interested in social justice issues, politics and pop culture. There is no money involved, just the experience of working alongside the greatest bunch of people you'll ever meet. There, we said it.


  • Circulations/Subscriptions Representative
  • Ad Sales Representative - Online & Print
  • Marketing Representative - General
  • Marketing Representative - Social Media
  • Development Assistant
  • Business Copy Writer
  • Events/Project Generalist

General Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Attend bi-weekly staff meetings in our San Francisco office (exceptions made for certain positions)
  • Lend your hand to existing projects, such as marketing efforts and event planning
  • Brainstorm for the good of the magazine
  • Join committees and lead new initiatives from start to finish
  • Table at Hyphen-sponsored events (and get in for free)

Knowledge and Skills:

  • Intelligence, tried and tested business, nonprofit, or media experience a plus (bonus points if you have both!)
  • Persuasive and energetic, so you can convince people why we're good for their souls
  • Team player, and not a lone wolf
  • Self-motivated and dependable with a hard-working ethic
  • Can wear multiple hats and pick up the slack
  • Down for the cause but not obsessed by it
  • Not easily offended or dissuaded by hard-asses
  • Loves culture, your momma and self (not in that order)
  1. Fill out the application form linked here: Hyphen Volunteer Application 2012.
  2. Email your resume to getinvolved[at]hyphenmagazine.com.


Feel free to drop our recruiter a line at getinvolved[at]hyphenmagazine.com.



Photo courtesy of Andria Lo (www.andrialo.com)