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My Day with a Centerfold

Who among us can be indifferent to physical beauty or immune to its paradoxical effects?

Abigail Licad | Thu, Jul 18th- 6:25pm | Centerfold, Fabio Periera, People, Issue 27: Sex - Summer 2013, Profiles

A Class Act

By Annabelle A. Udo-O’Malley (additional reporting by Gloria Kim)

Deep down, Terry Park was determined to become Mr. Hyphen 2011. From submitting a video of himself singing the Spice Girls hit “Wannabe” to choreographing his performance as...

Annabelle Udo-O... | Wed, Jan 23rd- 12:06pm | Q+A, Terry Park, Issue 25: Generation - Spring 2012, People, Mr. Hyphen

It's More Than Okay to be Takei

He tweets funny somethings that put the “wit” in Twitter, and with over 1.6 million likes on ...

Gloria Kim | Thu, Jan 24th- 12:45am | George Takei, Issue 25: Generation - Spring 2012, People, Performing Arts, Profiles, Social Justice

From Hardship, A Relationship

Sadako Kashiwagi cherishes a certain knitted charcoal-gray sweater she’s worn for more than 40 years. It was a gift from a store owner who had fallen on hard times and had to close shop. At the time, she and husband Hiroshi were just scraping by...

Kevin Lee | Wed, May 9th- 2:07pm | Issue 24: Survival - Winter 2011, People

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