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Lazy Susan

I AM DRIVING a brand new, cherry red Buick sedan across the Golden Gate Bridge on a characteristically foggy day, and I’m feeling self-conscious. On a roadway teeming with compact cars and imports, I wonder if I am driving...

Maveric Vu | Tue, Apr 13th- 7:46pm | Lazy Susan, Business, Issue 19: Trailblazing - Winter 2009

HE APPEARS out of nowhere, offering a seemingly offhand remark. He solicits her opinion as he joins her circle of friends at the bar. He's confident and implicitly spontaneous. In a seductive ballet, he deftly swings her around so that she faces...

David Shaw | Fri, Mar 5th- 6:47pm | Lazy Susan, Issue 14: Spaces - Spring 2008, Race, Social Issues

THE MONSTER hiding under your bed is old news. There's something more nefarious and deadly lurking in your bedroom that you should be scared of: the electric fan. Getting goose bumps yet? I 'm guessing the answer is no-unless you're South Korean...

Eunice Lee | Fri, Mar 5th- 6:46pm | Lazy Susan, Culture, Issue 14: Spaces - Spring 2008

WATCHING DOOGIE Howser, M.D. at my house was not a joke. The opening credits of the show-with a montage of newspaper clippings claiming feats like "Six Year Old Scores Perfect on S.A.Ts"-were a blaring reminder that my brother and I were just not...

Neela Banerjee | Thu, Mar 4th- 11:40pm | Lazy Susan, Issue 13: Hybrid - Winter 2007

FIRST, A WHITE BOY from Danville, CA won the Scripps National Spelling Bee in May. Then Japan's Takeru Kobayashi's lost Nathan's Famous Fourth of July International hot Dog Eating Contest to Joey Chestnut, a non-Asian engineering student at San...

Amada Stupi | Thu, Mar 4th- 11:39pm | Lazy Susan, Issue 13: Hybrid - Winter 2007

Imagine four summer weeks with 500 other college students in a country far from home where the legal drinking age is 18. Imagine also, that your parents have fully supported this trip.

Colloquially known as the Love Boat, Taiwan's Overseas...

Justine Lee | Fri, May 4th- 12:15pm | Lazy Susan, Issue 12: Transit - Summer 2007

Let's face it, it is not easy being short. Taller people have received preferential treatment ever since Homo erectus first stood up. A proud 5-foot even (yes, I qualify as a "short Asian"), this is a phenomenon that I have paid particularly...

Sasha Ginnetti | Fri, Jun 4th- 1:24am | Lazy Susan, Issue 12: Transit - Summer 2007

ONE AFTERNOON, Tonjia, a 32-year-old Korean American musician, found herself in the apartment of a friend on whose answering machine she'd left a message before falling asleep. She watched her friend come home, check his messages and pick up the...

Hyphen | Fri, Jun 4th- 1:25am | Lazy Susan, Issue 12: Transit - Summer 2007

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