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A kaleidoscope of photogenic Asianspotting in our picture-heavy profile for the kick-off of...

Thao Ngo | Mon, Sep 12th- 7:36am | Blogger Column, Fashion

GQ features comedic actor Ken Jeong in a recent fashion spread for corduroys ... but doesn't let him actually wear the pants. Kevin Lee explores the photo shoot's subtext and Ken Jeong, the brand.

Kevin Lee | Fri, Sep 9th- 12:05am | gq, Ken Jeong, Culture, Fashion, Film, TV

Top fashion designers have implicitly named a new It Girl: The Asian Model. Yet Asian American female models are still relegated to commercial work and low-fashion margins.

Thao Ngo | Tue, Aug 16th- 3:19pm | Asian models, Blogger Column, Devon Aoki, Du Juan, Fashion, Fei Fei Sun, Jenny Shimizu, Lily Zhi, Liu Wen, modelling, models, Natasha Yi, Nova, Ralph Lauren, runway, Sui He, supermodels, Tao Okamoto, Tracy, Fashion

Purely Peggy

A fashion shoot with indie pop darling Peggy Wang of The Pains of Being Pure at Heart.

Ashley Schleeper | Sat, Aug 6th- 12:04pm | Belong, Buzzfeed, Fashion, indie rock, Music, Peggy Wang, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Fashion, Issue 23: Bittersweet - Spring 2011, Music, Photography

The band’s latest album plays like cotton candy -- light, airy, dissolving quickly on the tongue, and leaving the listener with a perpetual sugar high.

Nicole Wong | Wed, Jun 22nd- 7:29pm | album review, Belong, Buzzfeed, Fashion, Music, Peggy Wang, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Fashion, Music

Coif Force

Chances are, you’re at odds with your hair: The two common types of Asian hair are thick and coarse or fine and slippery. Both are difficult to cut and style, one being unruly and full of life and the other limp and lacking body. You’ve also...

Margot Seeto | Mon, May 16th- 5:12pm | Art & Design, Takeout, Fashion, Issue 22: Throwback - Winter 2010, Takeout

Fashion, culture, & art in a single dress

MATCHA: The...

Lanlian | Thu, May 20th- 11:56am | Art & Design, Fashion, Performing Arts

photo by John C. Liau

ISO Hyphen Hotties.

We already know that you love Hyphen magazine because you're reading this. But are you interested in free merch? Even better, what about...

Andria Lo | Fri, Apr 30th- 6:11pm | Accessories, Fashion, Gift Guide, Hyphen Updates

Elaine Low | Sat, Dec 5th- 12:35pm | Fashion, Hyphen Events, Mr. Hyphen

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