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Mia Nakano LGBTQ | June 29, 2014 - 4:16pm

Yellow Peril: Enduring Through the Ages

Yellow Peril is alive and well -- and in a bookstore near you. Authors John Kuo Wei Tchen & Dylan Yeats present the historical cycle of anti-Asian sentiment in their new book, Yellow Peril!!: An Archive of Anti-Asian Fear.

The Narrowing World of the Internet

The net is becoming less wide and more a world dominated by Hollywood and Madison Avenue. Will that affect APIs who have flourished on the internet?

Upcoming Asian and Asian American Films

Ken Choy provides a rundown of not-to-miss films featuring Asian and Asian American talent, from online streaming to Video-On-Demand to film festivals everywhere.

Will Korean Films 'The Tower' and 'A Werewolf Boy' Topple Tinsel Town?

South Korean film The Tower topples Hollywood with A Werewolf Boy snarling up box office receipts. They join the galloping parade of films besting Tinsel Town in terms of ticket sales in South Korea.

Hyphen Gizmo Gift Guide

Hyphen columnist Ken Choy provides a holiday gift guide for the early adopter, gadget lover in your life.

'Buffalo Girls': Pulling Punches on Child Boxing

The director of the documentary Buffalo Girls sheds his negative perspective on child boxing in Thailand over the course of making the film. But should we view kids thrashing each other through a more critical lens?

'Tea with Music' Breaks with Tradition and Into Song

East West Players’ Tea With Music injects songs into a renowned play. But there's more than just melodies to provide a richness to the brew.

'Hibakusha' Keeps Hiroshima-Nagasaki Voices Alive

The new short Hibakusha follows a legacy of animated films portraying harrowing wartime experiences.

Invitation to Inclusiveness: East West Players' Asian American Theater Forum

East West Players will hold a forum around increasing inclusiveness in theater for APIAs. Can that be achieved with an invitation-only format and no APIAs on the panel?


Blacklava Lights up Asian America for 20 Years

Hyphen interviews Ryan Suda, founder of the Asian American apparel store Blacklava.

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