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Terry Park

Emcees Terry Park and Ryan Takemiya complete each other.

Abigail Licad | Tue, Sep 3rd- 2:23pm | Go!Ohana, RAMA, Ryan Takemiya, Terry Park, Events, Hyphen Events, Music, Performing Arts, Profiles

A Class Act

By Annabelle A. Udo-O’Malley (additional reporting by Gloria Kim)

Deep down, Terry Park was determined to become Mr. Hyphen 2011. From submitting a video of himself singing the Spice Girls hit “Wannabe” to choreographing his performance as...

Annabelle Udo-O... | Wed, Jan 23rd- 12:06pm | Q+A, Terry Park, Issue 25: Generation - Spring 2012, People, Mr. Hyphen

Hyphen tells you what happened last night. The PG-13 version, anyway.


Annabelle Udo-O... | Tue, Nov 8th- 1:56pm | Terry Park, Hyphen Events, Hyphen Updates

We close out our Five Contestants, Five Days coverage of Mr. Hyphen 2011 with finalist Terry Park.

Sandy Naing | Wed, Nov 16th- 2:52pm | five contestants five days, Mr. Hyphen 2011, Terry Park, Events, Hyphen Events, Mr. Hyphen

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