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The Big One

We were going at it for three days. Water. Beer. Fruit. Matthew’s weekend — he’s a waiter — is Sunday through Wednesday. And, on Sunday, at 4:20 sharp, we super-sized mimosas while he closed out his brunch shift, picked up a six of the latest...

Evelyn Manangan... | Mon, Oct 31st- 10:14pm | fiction, love, sex, short story, Fiction, Issue 23: Bittersweet - Spring 2011

HIV/AIDS continues to rise unchecked among Asian and Pacific Islanders (APIs), especially among API women.

New America Media | Wed, May 18th- 3:23pm | AIDS, health, Health & Environment, HIV, New America Media, sex

At least a white actor hasn’t been cast to play Bruce Lee, which wouldn’t have been a surprise because in porn size does matter, and the stereotype is that Asian guys don’t measure up.

Harry Mok | Fri, Feb 4th- 1:14pm | Asian American, Bruce Lee, Darrell Hamamoto, Keni Styles, porn, sex, stereotypes, Asianspotting, Film, Media, Race, Sex

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