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Today would've been David's 15th birthday. To commemorate his birthday, Hyphen Magazine has created an online memorial, which includes a letter from the Phan family, a gallery of letters from classmates and teachers, and a request...

Terry K Park | Mon, May 20th- 5:22pm | bullying, David Phan, queer, Vietnamerica, Activism, Community, Culture, Diaspora, Immigration, News & Politics, Photography, Race, Social Issues, Social Justice

The God-Freak Complex

"What makes me a freak is when I'm seen as a reflection of people's worst everything...But I could also be their best reflection."

Mandy Hu | Sat, Jun 28th- 3:10am | Art, Comedy, D'Lo, Gender & Sexuality, LGBTQ, LQBTQ, Oakland, queer, transgender, Featurette, Issue 26: The South - Spring 2013

"I had a great life but I must leave." These were the last words written by David Q. Phan, a 14-year-old Vietnamese American junior high school student from Taylorsville, Utah, before he committed suicide. A grieving family -- and multiple...

Terry K Park | Fri, Jan 25th- 1:15pm | Blogger Column, bullying, queer, suicide, Utah, vietnamese americans, Activism, Business, Community, News & Politics, Politics, Race, Social Issues, Social Justice

The Education of Kyle Chu

Mr. Hyphen 2010 is a savvy scholar of media, sexuality and glam rock.

Cathlin Goulding | Mon, Oct 31st- 5:04pm | center for asian american media, kyle chu, Mr. Hyphen, queer, Feature, Issue 23: Bittersweet - Spring 2011, Sex

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