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The newest Hyphen Lowdown talks with graphic designer Jennifer Kim Van Nguyen.

Rachel Filipinas | Mon, Oct 10th- 6:48pm | graphic design, Hyphen Lowdown, Jennifer Kim Van Nguyen, profiles, Q&A, Profiles

The rap/punk trio The Notorious MSG talk about the politics of culture, how they deal with stereotypes, and their place in the music scene.


Cynthia Brothers | Fri, Sep 16th- 8:41am | Down-Lo Mein, Hong Kong Fever, Hunan Bomb, Hyphen Lowdown, Q&A, Profiles

VegNews Magazine’s associate editor and young-adult author Jennifer Chen gives you the scoop on time management and where to find tasty vegan cuisine.

Rachel Filipinas | Fri, Aug 26th- 3:48pm | Authors, Hyphen Lowdown, Jennifer Chen, profiles, Q&A, writers, Profiles

Over pork dumplings, the Emmy-winning filmmaker discusses the Big Apple and Filipino psyches, and gives advice to young filmmakers.

Nicole Wong | Fri, Aug 26th- 2:27pm | Delano Manongs, Filipino American, Filipino history, film, filmmakers, Hyphen Lowdown, Marissa Aroy, Q&A, Film, Profiles

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