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Bao Phi

The Descendants

By Cathlin Goulding and Abigail Licad

To commemorate Hyphen’s 10th year in print, we selected 10 emerging young authors from various genres and asked them to reflect on writers they admire. Their responses attest to the depth and richness...

Abigail Licad a... | Wed, May 16th- 11:53am | Bao Phi, cathy che, jenny zhang, julia kuo, kimberly koga, margaret rhee, Rahul Mehta, Rina Ayuyang, Samuel Park, Books, Books Section, Issue 25: Generation - Spring 2012

There is a certain catalyzing style that comes of utter fearlessness, and the poet Bao Phi has cornered it with his debut poetry collection, Sông I Sing.

Jane Y. Kim | Wed, Jan 18th- 11:06am | Bao Phi, Song I Sing, Books Section

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