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K-PoP examines the real lessons learned from the original Tiger Momma.

Ky-Phong Tran | Fri, Mar 14th- 2:44pm | amy chua, Blogger Column, Jed Rubenfeld, pseudo-science, quack, self-promotion, snake oil, tomfoolery, Triple Package, Yale Law

Adriel Luis reviews Legacy of the Tiger Mother

Adriel Luis | Tue, Jan 31st- 4:00pm | amy chua, Performing Arts, Reviews

Oiyan Poon challenges social science scholarship to use the momentum of the Tiger Mom debate, to expand the field of research on Asian Americans in education beyond contesting the model minority -- beyond arguing comparatively, or to the...

Amerasia Journal | Mon, Nov 7th- 2:48pm | amy chua, Across the Desk, Social Issues, University/Academics

Grace Wang offers one of the smartest responses to Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother that we've read (and we've read a lot).


Amerasia Journal | Fri, Sep 23rd- 10:31am | amy chua, Across the Desk, Music, University/Academics

What Amy Chua really thinks of Asian Americans in classical music, a call for education research that goes beyond pointing out that the model minority is a myth -- and more, direct from the desks of Asian American studies.

Amerasia Journal | Sat, Sep 24th- 3:14am | amy chua, Arnold Pan, Across the Desk, Culture, Social Issues, University/Academics

What Yang misses in calling these the values and behaviors of Asian people -- is how very American they are. In the sense that they are...

erin K Ninh | Wed, Sep 21st- 3:56pm | amy chua, Wesley Yang, Parenthood, Social Issues, University/Academics

Education professor Mitchell Chang on Asian Americans, college admissions standards and the model minority myth.

Mitchell Chang | Sat, May 28th- 2:06am | amy chua, education, Jon Marcus, Across the Desk

From Amy Tan’s The Joy Luck Club to Amy Chua’s Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, the idea of a generational war between mothers and their daughters -- usually culminating in the revelation that they are really not...

Eric Zhang | Wed, Jul 6th- 7:21am | amy chua, amy tan, book review, Books, message from an unknown chinese mother, xinran, Books Section

Having missed the memo on outdated racial stereotypes, social critic Caitlin Flanagan keeps the fear alive in her recent article in The...

Victoria Yue | Tue, Mar 22nd- 9:30pm | amy chua, Blogger Column, Caitlin Flanagan, Community, Culture, Immigration, News & Politics, Race, Social Issues, Social Justice, University/Academics

Here's an op-ed by UCLA Professor of education and Asian American studies Mitchell Chang on one possible negative effect of the Tiger Mom book (Amy Chua's...

Momo Chang | Tue, Feb 8th- 3:39pm | amy chua, Lin Yang, Mitchell Chang, Tiger Mom, UCLA, Politics, Profiles, Social Justice, University/Academics

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