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Our House

Sometimes when Kathleen Dang is at home by herself, she hears a strange and eerily disturbing sound — silence.

“When there’s so few people at home, it’s really weird,” she says, laughing. “I feel creeped out because there’s no one else...

Lisa Wong Macabasco | Thu, Jan 24th- 12:47am | family, multi-generational homes, Exposure, Issue 25: Generation - Spring 2012, Photography

Remembering Danny

At 11:13 a.m. on a cold Monday morning in Afghanistan, another American soldier’s life was taken away. This time, the soldier’s death was not the result of shots fired by an enemy attack nor was it the result of “friendly fire.” In fact, there...

Peter J. Swing | Wed, Jan 23rd- 11:47am | corky lee, Danny Chen, military, suicide, Exposure, Issue 25: Generation - Spring 2012, Photography

Filling the Void

Above: Dinh V. Nguyen, the 61-year-old owner of the Ocean View shrimp boat in Biloxi, MS, said there has been no work since the BP oil spill. It costs roughly $5,000 to $7,000 to outfit a vessel before leaving dock, Nguyen said, and if the US...

Corky Lee | Fri, May 4th- 4:40pm | Exposure, Community, Issue 24: Survival - Winter 2011, History, Media, Photography

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