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Equally Present

A black teenager looks into a segregated soda shop where two ponytailed white girls sip their drinks and smile. In a courtroom, an elderly black man sits under a Thomas Jefferson quote inscribed on the wall: “Equal and exact justice to all men of...

Jacqueline Clay | Thu, Jun 20th- 2:47pm | Artwell, Art & Design, Issue 26: The South - Spring 2013, History

Now You See Me

Growing up in the ’80s, queer Asian Pacific Islanders were invisible to the general population. As the founding photo editor of Hyphen in 2001, I wanted to ensure broad Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) representation in the magazine...

Mia Nakano | Sat, Jun 28th- 3:05am | Art, Artwell, Gender & Sexuality, LGBTQ, Race & Culture, Issue 27: Sex - Summer 2013

Body Politic

Huge, engorged, disproportionate breasts jut from the draped body and covered face of a woman — San Francisco-based Iranian artist Taravat Talepasand is obsessed with this pornographic image she found online several years ago, and this figure has...

Michele Carlson | Tue, Jul 23rd- 3:45pm | Artwell, Art & Design, Diaspora, Gender, Issue 27: Sex - Summer 2013

Bodies and Borders

Wafaa Yasin literally turned her body into a boat and set sail across the San Francisco Bay. Yasin expected to fail in sailing anywhere, but she also hoped not to drown. Born in Palestine, the San Francisco-based performance and multimedia artist...

Michele Carlson | Wed, May 16th- 12:12pm | Artwell, Art & Design, Issue 25: Generation - Spring 2012

Camp in the Camps

Looking for Jiro is a short video by San Francisco-based performance artist and writer Tina Takemoto. Takemoto combines historic footage of military propaganda and men’s bodybuilding with her own campy performance in the role of Jiro...

Lj Roberts | Wed, May 16th- 12:07pm | Artwell, Art & Design, Issue 25: Generation - Spring 2012, Performing Arts

The Language of Seeds and Tents

It began with papaya seedlings covertly planted on a narrow strip of grass between a roadway and a chain-link fence.

Gaye Chan and her partner, Nandita Sharma, deliberately placed the plants on public land without permission or regret. For...

Weston Teruya | Wed, May 16th- 12:08am | Artwell, Art & Design, Issue 25: Generation - Spring 2012

It's Complicated

ANGIE WANG describes herself as an "illustratress and cartoonista," a nod to the influence of fashion and comics in her work. The Portland, OR-based artist is compelled by feelings of terror and regret, particularly in horror and science fiction...

Sita Kuratomi B... | Tue, May 8th- 12:46pm | Artwell, Art & Design, Issue 24: Survival - Winter 2011

Botany of the Body

Mehta’s interdisciplinary work symbolically documents the oral histories of displacement.

Sita Kuratomi B... | Wed, Jul 20th- 12:27pm | Art, Artwell, body, Diaspora, maps, mixed media, Samanta Batra Mehta, Art & Design, Culture, Issue 23: Bittersweet - Spring 2011

Cut In/Cut Out: The Work of Gina Osterloh

What are the boundaries of the body? Look closely at Gina Osterloh’s images for the telltale signs of a body in search of connection. Legs sink into the floor and bodies emerge out of the wall. Combining sculpture and performance, Osterloh...

Sita Kuratomi B... | Thu, Jul 22nd- 11:43pm | Artwell, Art & Design, Issue 20: Inside/Out - Spring 2010, Performing Arts, Photography

In Weston Takeshi Teruya’s work, makeshift islands are constructed from objects of the built environment. The markers of borders — fences, cones and barriers — explode and implode on paper as Teruya explores the ways that borders shape spatial...

Sita Kuratomi B... | Tue, Apr 13th- 7:44pm | Artwell, Art & Design, Issue 19: Trailblazing - Winter 2009, Photography

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