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  • Books: The Quiet Minority?   1 year 7 weeks ago

    Thanks again Jenny and Hyphen for this article.

    I have my own take including psychological, cultural and spiritual viewpoints here:



  • Why the 'The Hunger Games's Snub of 'Battle Royale' Matters   1 year 9 weeks ago
    Finally, a Perfect Term for When White People “Discover” Things
    Shorts / Columbusing: Discovering Things for White People

    'Columbusing': When White People Think They Discovered Something They Didn't



  • Kollaboration New York 8 was #Awesome   1 year 48 weeks ago
    adorbs, Mic. EOM,
  • Asian Men, 'Angry Womyn,' and 'Reverse Rape'   1 year 49 weeks ago

    That's all. I can't even deal. Thank you for writing this GREAT piece. Though I experience this kind of vile hatred, misogyny and racism from non-Asian men and women every f*cking day of my life it never ceases to get a rise out of me.

  • Vincent Chin: Some Lessons and Legacies   1 year 49 weeks ago

    I remember this case from years ago. I was in high school at the time. Saw the re-enactment on "Fatal Encounters" last night. What makes me angry is that Ebens never did a single day in jail for this crime.

  • Haters Gonna Hate: The Hollow Victory of an Asian American Miss America   1 year 49 weeks ago

    There is no validity to Davuluri calling Hagan "fat as fuck." Hagan's reps denied it, and so has Davuluri. Of course, there is going to be nasty rumors about her, and I find it irresponsible to pass around unconfirmed information, especially in a published article.

    The backlash to Davuluri's win was met with backlash against the racism towards her, and I'm glad the media brought attention to how racist Americans can be.

    The Miss America pageant is found on sexism. I'm not denying it. But it's still amazing to see Asian Americans with huge media roles, and young Asian women won't constantly see white beauty around them and feel the need they need to be whiter in order to be accepted as beautiful in this country.

    So, I think Davuluri's win will inspire young AA's and empower them that they don't need to be white, and I love how outspoken Davuluris on diversity. She didn't brush it under the table.

  • Behind the Fried Rice Curtain, Part 2   1 year 50 weeks ago

    Canton's I miss you so much and loved your Mo Kwat Gai- been asking for it for 37 years, thanks for the wonderful memories.

  • Haters Gonna Hate: The Hollow Victory of an Asian American Miss America   1 year 50 weeks ago

    This is the comment I posted on news stories about the racial outburst in the United States about an Indian being chosen “Miss America”:-

    ------START OF COMMENT--------
    “Indians as a rule are inferior Indian n i g g e r s unfit to talk about strategic matters, especially if it involves the White Master in any way, which it always does. That is why in his 'Mein Kampf' Adolf Hitler said "As for India, I would rather see India under the British than under any one else". It is not just that a handful of the British from half way around the world ruled India for centuries; a lot of other people from various countries did that for a thousand years before that.

    A modern day Babar will start each day by killing a million Indians before breakfast every morning, though some think three million will be better (this number can be herded into fairly small extermination circles and then a neutron bomb exploded over them).

    I am an Indian, but as far above the other Indians as they may be above cockroaches” -- Satish Chandra

    “RAW’s Trafficking of Indian Children to Israel to be Used as Food” :

    --------END OF COMMENT--------

    I posted the above comment on a story about the racial outburst in Hindustan Times. Someone with a female name posted a comment on my comment saying ‘I can’t believe you are an Indian’ and suggested I am a Pakistani. Well, yes, how can the most intelligent, most handsome man on Earth be an Indian? Another RAW operative posted a comment on my comment saying ‘You are under RAW’s radar. Better get out’. I have described how I have been under 24-hour satellite surveillance for the past 36 years and some of the crimes against me with the fullest participation of the Indians: IndiasLegitimateRulerSatishChandraDOTblogspotDOTcom .

    This is a paragraph from my press release dated September 14 ‘13 titled “India Is Now the Sole Superpower“ (thanks to Satish Chandra):-

    “There should be no elections in India until the public is familiar with Satish Chandra and his life and work, after which the public will automatically lynch all politicians. But this will not happen because the media are still controlled by CIA-RAW and the meek acceptance for centuries of rule by the British who killed over ten million Indians in just the ten years after 1857 in just Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Bihar and the ferocious loyalty to the Anglo-Americans of Indians both in government (prime examples of which are the Intelligence Bureau and RAW -- WhatYouShouldKnowAboutRAWDOTblogspotDOTcom -- who go to unlimited lengths to sabotage and damage India in service of their Anglo-American masters) and outside shows that the Indian public can be mobilized for Hindu-Muslim riots by the Intelligence Bureau and RAW, that is all it is capable of. Since India’s status as the sole superpower is based on nuclear weapons emplaced in U.S. cities, the public is not needed to destroy Washington, New York and RAW and, later, for the coast-to-coast destruction of the enemy United States.”

    Back in 1968-69 I used to date a beauty queen who was “Miss Rochester” and “runner-up in the New York State Pageant”; I assumed that her float had won the second prize in some kind of an annual agricultural parade, the state equivalent of a county fair; only much later did I realize it was a beauty contest. I asked her why she had given up modeling and worked a factory job and she replied “You have to give yourself”.

    As for the Indian woman being chosen “Miss America” -- I wouldn’t touch a piece of dog-faeces like that with a ten foot pole.

    Satish Chandra

  • Haters Gonna Hate: The Hollow Victory of an Asian American Miss America   1 year 50 weeks ago

    Amen, Theresa.

  • The Baggage of Racial Bullying   1 year 50 weeks ago

    I'm sure you will get boneheaded comments from people who insist that you're teaching your daughter to see race as a big deal, and therefore you are the one perpetuating racism. However, I think you're doing an important thing; looking out for your daughter and being ready to teach her to deal with microaggressions (and aggression-aggressions).

  • Submit to HYPHEN's Erotic Writing Contest! Entries due by September 9, 2013   1 year 51 weeks ago

    This sounds like a fun contest. Is there a prize? Also what's the word count limit?

  • Through the Long Winter: A Look Back at Radiolab's Yellow Rain Controversy   2 years 3 days ago

    Not sure if my comment went through. I wanted to say how inflamed I was at hearing the Radiolab interview. The level of sadistic intent and mockery from the interviewer was incomprehensible. My heart went out to you AND your uncle. How could this have happened? People care about you- People want answers as to why this man railroaded you and ambushed you both and yet still has a job???
    I wish you love and joy ongoing.
    I have signed the petition and while nothing can erase the memory of that interview, know that people are completely shocked and on YOUR side.

  • Through the Long Winter: A Look Back at Radiolab's Yellow Rain Controversy   2 years 3 days ago

    I listened to this interview- My gawd, I listened and it felt like I was audience to a person, no, to two people being raped - I wanted to reach inside the box and do unmentionable things to that man or pull you and your uncle free from being re traumatized all over again.There are no words.I just wonder why he is still working there- His words have no meaning. I find after the fact meaningless. I would never listen to him again.
    I wish you so much love and joy and your uncle and wish I could take an eraser and wipe clean the words that man used.The tone.The awfulness. It is indelible in my mind. Sadly.

  • Books: Douchebaggery 101   2 years 5 days ago

    Noah Cho and I are destined to be best friends!

  • These Three Things   2 years 1 week ago

    "I had a steadfast rule until I was in my 20s of not dating anyone who previously dated an Asian."

    Why cuz you subconsciously know you couldn't compete with a real asian gal?Nobody who's an asian freak,yellow fever whatever would mistake you don't worry.I know halfies are wannabe asian ,who's the asian freak now??Just sayin

  • These Three Things   2 years 1 week ago

    You wrote:
    "I had a steadfast rule until I was in my 20s of not dating anyone who previously dated an Asian."

    So you couldn't date just an Asian person ?


    Asian people can have Asian fetishes too.

  • Online Exclusive: Kimchi in Translation   2 years 2 weeks ago

    kimchi is my favourite korean food...:)

    it really tasty, but i haven't tried to make it myself cuz im no good in cooking :p

    it's sad to know that the rich people here don't care bout their poor brothers

  • Hyphen TV: I Made the Hot Dogs   2 years 2 weeks ago

    hi, Dianne! like you i am always psyched to see Alex dance. but...i thought this paso doble was his weakest SYTYCD performance ever! in fact, if you'd asked me beforehand if he was capable of "meh" dancing i'd have said hell no, but then i'd have been wrong.

    alternate explanation: choreographer totally wasted the gift of Alex Wong.

  • Feed the People, Not the Trolls: An (Incomplete) Archive of APA Women Musicians   2 years 3 weeks ago
    Laura Mam of The Like Me's (one of the bands featured in the playlist) just launched a Kickstarter campaign to support her solo career. Check it out: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lauramamsoloep/laura-mam-records-her...
  • Feed the People, Not the Trolls: An (Incomplete) Archive of APA Women Musicians   2 years 4 weeks ago

    You're welcome.  I think we all needed it :)

  • Sanjay and Craig: Nickelodeon's Hilarious New Mixed-Race Hero   2 years 4 weeks ago

    My son and I found this show through Hulu. I am a white stay-at-home dad with a 4y/o son and 1 y/o daughter. I will admit I only played the show based on the title. I was intrigued because I had assumed the title character would be Indian based on the name. Sanjay Patel's dad is a college-educated engineer-type, from what I can gather and his speach is accented to a degree, more accrately and naturally than charaters like Apu from The Simpsons. I think shows like this are great as far as race is concerned because nothing is made of it. Sanjay and his friends just play and have fantastical adventures without any tension or strife caused by race. Hopefully generations to come can be increasingly blind to the differences that mean so little to the content of a fellow human.

  • K-PoP: Rolling Stone Cover, Dark Side of Media Moon   2 years 4 weeks ago

    ...of a killer.
    The cover is of the moment but in 10-20 years time, how many people will recall Tsarnaev? The R.S. cover was more like a commentary.
    Many things I have seen called art have been forgotten and left stored away in some warehouse.
    True art maybe something someone created a 1,000 years ago and when someone from our age can look at the creation and say, ah, yes!.

  • Feed the People, Not the Trolls: An (Incomplete) Archive of APA Women Musicians   2 years 4 weeks ago

    Thank you for making me feel less afraid of the Internet today.

  • The ABCs of Hmong   2 years 7 weeks ago

    The Hmong did not come from Northern China. The Hmong came from Central China to Southern China and then into Southeast Asia during Qing Dynasty when they were being oppressed by the Qing gov't.

  • In the Face of Bullying   2 years 8 weeks ago

    When I was young, I believed that martial arts was the answer for everything. Just take a few classes or a few dozen classes, beat up the bully and life would be simple. It's not really the case.

    Bullying will extend to linking martial arts with violence. You will be feared and thus you are violent now. Now you can even be a terroist. On the other hand, I knocked you out, now we are ready to press charges. I'm sorry I'm a 250 pound man who got my nose broke by a 90 pound boy, because I was being an ass, and now I don't know how to redeem myself. Now I'm going to gather all my buddies of the same race and beat up the innocent boy in claims that he is a racist.

    Bullying will never go away. You just have to learn to recognize it when it is happening and stop the source early. As long as fear exists, bullying will be hard to handle. Authority figures can never fully be trusted because they are human too. It's kind of like having the notion that old people are the friendliest people and they can be trusted, but in actuality they can be the worst or even more racist than the little children committing hate crimes these days. Everything has a source.

    Martial arts is not the answer. It is just a way of life and a way of protection when your life is in jeopardy. It will not stop the bullying.