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Saving Face: More Asian Americans opting for plastic surgery

Dressed in her Sunday best, Nancy Cabigot — Auntie Nans to family and friends — looks like my 45-year-old sister. She’s actually pushing 60 with 10 grandchildren. She points a finger to her nose with a wink. “This makes a lot of difference,” she...

Jennifer Bagala... | Mon, May 9th- 11:25am | Feature, Issue 22: Throwback - Winter 2010, Health & Environment, Race, Social Issues

Who's That Girl?

It was an accidental audition, one that 20-year-old Nancy Kwan stumbled upon while peering in on Hong Kong actors vying for the much-coveted Hollywood movie role of Suzie Wong. Wearing a wine-colored cheongsam with her hair coiffed into a sleek...

Cathlin Goulding | Tue, May 17th- 4:02pm | brian jamieson, cathlin goulding, ka shen's journey, nancy kwan, the world of suzie wong, Film, Film, Issue 22: Throwback - Winter 2010, Gender, History, Profiles, Race

Book Review: Hello Kitty Must Die by Angela S. Choi

Angela S. Choi is my kind of sicko. Faced with the perennial problem of the Asian American fictioneer — how to rep the aZn without crapping out another crab-eating, mother-daughter triumph — Choi’s solution was: just add serial killer.

Claire Light | Wed, Apr 20th- 1:19pm | angela s. choi, claire light, hello kitty must die, Books, Issue 22: Throwback - Winter 2010, Race

I See Asian People

In 1985, I was taken on a treasure-seeking adventure with Mikey, Brand, Mouth, Chunk, Andy, Stef, Sloth, the Fratellis and Data. If you are an ‘80s child, are drawn to retro cult appeal or just like the act of doing the truffle shuffle, then you...

Dino-Ray Ramos | Sun, Mar 6th- 11:09am | Front of the Book, Film, Issue 22: Throwback - Winter 2010, Media, Race, TV

Reflections of War and a Makeshift Altar

Two framed pictures of my brother and me used to hang over a makeshift altar in my mom’s house. They were the stoic portraits that all Marines take during boot camp.

Peter J. Swing | Sun, Mar 25th- 6:17pm | First Person, Essay, Issue 22: Throwback - Winter 2010, History, Immigration, Politics, Race

Mr. Hyphen 2010 Defies Stereotypes

Kyle Chu’s electrifying performance and personal account about how Asian American stereotypes have impacted his life catapulted him over four other contestants to take the Mr. Hyphen crown for 2010.

Cynthia Brothers | Tue, Dec 21st- 11:07am | Community, Front of the Book, Events, Issue 22: Throwback - Winter 2010, Hyphen Events, Mr. Hyphen, Race

No, really: where were you seventeen years ago?

I've been reading a lot of criticism of Nicki Minaj recently, and it sort of makes me uncomfortable. Not because I'm the biggest fan of Nicki, but because it seems to me that too many of us...

Dexter Lee Thomas | Thu, Dec 2nd- 4:44pm | Blogger Column, Gender, Media, Music, Race

This picture is from a Thanksgiving Day meal at the Rohwer Relocation Camp’s staff mess-hall in McGehee, AR, 1942. Though accurate population statistics...

Victoria Yue | Mon, Nov 29th- 5:22am | Blogger Column, Community, Culture, History, Immigration, Politics, Race, Social Issues, Social Justice

Steve Li, detained by Arizona authorities since Sept 14 and set to be deported Nov 15, is at least for the moment safe (albeit in a detention facility).

Saif Ansari | Wed, Nov 17th- 1:49am | Activism, Immigration, News & Politics, Politics, Race, Social Issues, Social Justice

Recently, I was asked by Hyphen to write about a small project I started a little while back: the API/A Love Letter Project. For me, as easy as it would seem to just talk about what my endeavor entails, it is extremely difficult to...

Pahole Sookkasikon | Thu, Oct 28th- 12:12am | Activism, Community, Culture, Diaspora, Essay, Media, Mr. Hyphen, Race, University/Academics

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