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Mississippi Bok Choy

Telling the stories of Chinese American groceries in the South.

Nina F. Ichikawa | Sun, Dec 11th- 6:44pm | Arkansas, Chinese American, Mississippi, oral history, Culture, Food and Agriculture, Food, Issue 23: Bittersweet - Spring 2011, History, Race

This Chinese American cinematographer's creative genius would garner him 10 Academy Award nominations and two wins – at a time when he also came head to head with anti-miscegenation laws and strong anti-immigrant sentiment.

Victoria Yue | Fri, May 13th- 9:08pm | APAH month, cinematography, film, filmmakers, James Wong Howe, Diaspora, Film Festivals, History, Immigration, Performing Arts, Politics, Profiles, Race, Social Issues, Social Justice

DVD Review: Hollywood Chinese

Written, produced, directed and edited by award-winning filmmaker Arthur Dong, Hollywood Chinese chronicles a century of Chinese American images in film.

Alvin Lin | Tue, Aug 23rd- 11:58am | Alvin Lin, Arthur Dong, Curse of Quon Gwon, DVD, Hollywood Chinese, media portrayal, Race, Culture, Film, Issue 23: Bittersweet - Spring 2011, History, Media, Race

On San Francisco’s San Bruno Avenue, Joe Johnson and Nelson Liang share a view of a rapidly changing neighborhood and a prescription for improving relations between African American and Asian American communities.

New America Media | Mon, Apr 4th- 9:26am | Bruno Avenue, san francisco, Community, News & Politics, Race

A few months ago fellow hyphenator Nina Fallenbaum told me about the upcoming National Conference on Media Reform in Boston. Once upon a time, before her Hyphen days, she attended. Now I am, and so is Hyphen.

Saif Ansari | Tue, Mar 29th- 9:34pm | Boston, NCMR, Events, Hyphen Events, Media, Networking, Race, Social Issues

Update: UCLA said it won't take disciplinary action against the student who created the anti-Asian YouTube video that went viral.

Hyphen | Fri, Mar 18th- 5:23pm | alexandra wallace, UCLA, youtube, News & Politics, Race, University/Academics

Having missed the memo on outdated racial stereotypes, social critic Caitlin Flanagan keeps the fear alive in her recent article in The...

Victoria Yue | Tue, Mar 22nd- 9:30pm | amy chua, Blogger Column, Caitlin Flanagan, Community, Culture, Immigration, News & Politics, Race, Social Issues, Social Justice, University/Academics

An alleged UCLA student named Alexandra Wallace posted a YouTube video blog with inflammatory remarks against Asian students who share the library space with her.

Jessica Lum | Mon, Mar 14th- 6:16pm | alexandra wallace, discussion, racism, social media, students, UCLA, university, youtube, News & Politics, Race, University/Academics

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