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All I remember about that balmy evening in campus town were the lights of the 12 W Teal MTD bus against the sorority girls tottering in two stops after me.

Yue Sherry Yuan | Tue, Apr 15th- 11:09am | Food, Race

What can we do to help improve the lives of the millions of “invisible” AAPI elderly in the U.S.?

Jenny Lee | Tue, Apr 15th- 10:44am | AAPI elderly, Community, Culture, Diaspora, Health & Environment, Immigration, Race, Social Issues, Social Justice

An interview with Oscar Award-winning filmmaker Freida Mock Lee about her latest documentary on the Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas hearings, and the high profile and sometimes disturbing public discourse around sexual harrassment, race, and...

Momo Chang | Wed, Apr 2nd- 12:48pm | Film, History, Race

Meera Menon's Farah Goes Bang explores culture, sex, and political activism among road-tripping presidential campaign volunteers. 

So Yun Um | Wed, Mar 26th- 7:34am | Business, Culture, Film, Film Festivals, Gender, Media, Race, Reviews, Sex, Social Issues

Yellow Peril is alive and well -- and in a bookstore near you. Authors John Kuo Wei Tchen & Dylan Yeats present the historical cycle of anti-Asian sentiment in their new book, Yellow Peril!!: An Archive of Anti-Asian Fear.

Ken Choy | Fri, Feb 21st- 12:07pm | anti-Asian American, racism, Yellow Peril, History, Race

Dang, what’s happening over there at UCLA? Another racist, sexist anonymous letter has arrived at UCLA’s Asian American Studies Center.

Abigail Licad | Thu, Mar 13th- 10:39am | Racist Flyers, UCLA, Activism, Community, News & Politics, Race, Social Issues, Social Justice, University/Academics

In attempting to pay tribute to Chinese culture, filmmaker D.W. Griffith created several Orientalist images that have, unfortunately, stood the test of time. The ghost of Cheng Huan, and all he embodied, still haunts Asian American representation...

Noah Cho | Sun, Mar 2nd- 10:25pm | Birth of a Nation, Broken Blossoms, Cheng Huan, How I Met Your Mother, yellowface, Race, TV

During October's New York Comic Con, Diana Pho was sexually and racially harassed by Mike Babchik, host of the online webseries Man Banter and SiriusXM Radio producer for ...

Diana Pho | Mon, Dec 16th- 2:30pm | Culture, Gender, Race

Today's NFL game between the Washington Redskins and the Oakland Raiders may be an opportunity to bring about change. Ling Woo Liu of Asian Americans Advancing Justice is one of several voices advocating to get rid of the Redskins...

Anonymous | Sun, Sep 29th- 1:25pm | NFL, Oakland Raiders, Pekin Chinks, Washington Redskins, Culture, History, News & Politics, Race, Social Justice, Sports, TV

Miss Saigon is a musical about Vietnamese women, who are all victims in need of rescue from the Third World. It is a musical about the inherent goodness of flawed white men. Vietnamese men are all abusive, sexist assholes who are so...

Bao Phi | Thu, Oct 3rd- 11:34am | Activism, Performing Arts, Race, Social Justice

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