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In honor of the 29th anniversary, Curtis Chin and the team behind documentary film Vincent Who? have partnered up with Asian Pacific Americans for Progress to offer free viewings of the...

Sylvie Kim | Thu, Jun 23rd- 4:46pm | anniversary, apa for progress, curtis chin, Vincent Chin, Vincent Who?, Activism, Film

Lorene Machado's Cho Dependent -- screening at this year's Frameline Film Festival in San Francisco -- captures comedienne Margaret Cho performing live in Atlanta, GA...

Sylvie Kim | Thu, Jun 16th- 11:18am | Blogger Column, cho dependent, frameline film festival 2011, margaret cho, Comics, Film, Film Festivals

Katie Wolfe's film Kawa -- screening at this year's Frameline Film Festival in San Francisco -- takes a look at the life of a Maori man living in the closet.

Nicole Wong | Tue, Jun 14th- 10:54am | Calvin Tuteao, frameline film festival 2011, katie wolfe, kawa, Witi Ihimaera, Film, Film Festivals

"Finding love is hard -- it’s hard enough when you’re straight and everything in society is conveniently set up for you to meet a partner.  Imagine being a marginalized individual who has a limited dating pool and who must also deal...

Mandy Hu | Tue, Jun 14th- 1:24pm | frameline film festival, kathy huang, tales of the waria, Film, Film Festivals, Gender, Sex

Fresh off of winning Best First Feature at the L.A. Asian Pacific Film Festival, gangster drama Bang Bang is set for several screenings in San Jose next week.

Carlos Cajilig | Mon, Jun 13th- 7:25am | bang bang, byron q, David Hyunh, film, film festival, gangster film, L.A. Asian Pacific Film Festival, movie review, Thai Ngo, Film

An intimate memoir challenges our memory of Iris Chang, the late author of The Rape of Nanking; and Lu Chuan brings the massacre to contemporary film.

Tammy Kim | Wed, Jun 22nd- 9:34am | Blogger Column, city of life and death, iris chang, lu chuan, memory, rape of nanking, trauma, Books Section, Film, Politics, Social Issues

DVD Review: The People I've Slept With

Quentin Lee's good ol’ fashioned hag-and-sassy-fag-unplanned-pregnancy-quest-for-true-love story.

Cynthia Brothers | Mon, May 16th- 11:07pm | DVD, DVD, film, Karin Anna Cheung, movie review, Quentin lee, Culture, Film, Issue 23: Bittersweet - Spring 2011, Media, Sex

DVD Review: Someone Else's War (PBS version)

Lee Wang’s documentary focuses on those lured to work in Iraq under dangerous conditions, often without any idea what they’re getting into.

Momo Chang | Mon, May 16th- 11:13pm | Afghanistan, DVD, DVD, Iraq, Lee Wang, Someone Else's War, third country nationals, war, Diaspora, Film, Issue 23: Bittersweet - Spring 2011, Gender

DVD Review: Hollywood Chinese

Written, produced, directed and edited by award-winning filmmaker Arthur Dong, Hollywood Chinese chronicles a century of Chinese American images in film.

Alvin Lin | Tue, Aug 23rd- 11:58am | Alvin Lin, Arthur Dong, Curse of Quon Gwon, DVD, Hollywood Chinese, media portrayal, Race, Culture, Film, Issue 23: Bittersweet - Spring 2011, History, Media, Race

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