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Club banger, but not a classic: new Hyphen blog columnist Ky-Phong Tran reviews VH1's documentary on the Los Angeles Riots.

Ky-Phong Tran | Tue, Jul 24th- 12:21am | Blogger Column, Los Angeles Riots, Matt Ford, Uprising, Film

Then and Now

Laurel Nakadate: photographer, video artist, surreal storyteller
Meeting the Stranger’s World, Issue 12


Justine Rivero | Wed, Jan 23rd- 1:01pm | Poetry, Activism, Art & Design, Books Section, Culture, Featurette, Film, Issue 25: Generation - Spring 2012, Mr. Hyphen, Music, Performing Arts, Photography

Hit List

In honor of Hyphen’s 25th issue, I present a highly subjective list of the 25 best Asian and Asian American characters on television and in the movies. The list is, for the most part, contemporary, but I also include characters who are icons,...

Dino-Ray Ramos | Wed, Jan 23rd- 1:16pm | Bruce Lee, Community, Danny Pudi, George Takei, Harry Shum Jr, John Cho, Kal Penn, Karate Kid, Ken Jeong, Lucy Liu, Maggie Q, margaret cho, Mindy Kaling, Popped: Pop Culture, Film, Issue 25: Generation - Spring 2012, Media, TV

Writer-Director Timothy Tau pays homage to a pioneering yet little-known Asian American actor.

Ian Wang | Sat, May 12th- 3:23pm | Blogger Column, film, Keye Luke, laapff, Los Angeles APA FIlm Festical, Timothy Tau, Film

A new documentary makes the case for the creepy white guy with yellow fever.

Nicole Wong | Sat, Apr 20th- 3:49pm | Asian fetish, Debbie Lum, film, laapff, Seeking Asian Female, yellow fever, yellowfevermedia, Film, Gender, Media, Race, Sex

Hyphen interviews actor Justin Lee about Arrested Development, his new web series, and his dream roles.

Victoria Yue | Tue, May 15th- 11:12am | Blogger Column, Justin Lee, One Warm Night, web series, Asianspotting, Film, Performing Arts, Profiles, Race, TV

How you can support this quirky documentary about parental love and the refugee experience in small-town America?

Terry K Park | Wed, Apr 25th- 5:35pm | Giap and the Last Ironing Board Factory, Tony Nguyen, Film

Filmmaker Meera Menon talks about her new film Farah Goes Bang, and its frank depiction of one woman's emerging sexuality.

Neela Banerjee | Mon, Apr 23rd- 10:16am | Film

Screenwriter Koji Sakai talks about his provocatively titled film, Chink, about an Asian American serial killer.

Ian Wang | Fri, Mar 23rd- 11:59am | Chink, Jason Tobin, Koji Sakai, Quentin lee, Culture, Film, Gender, Social Issues

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