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The message you come away with is that we are bad-ass, we are vulnerable, and we are complex beings in challenging positions.

Jenny Yap | Thu, Dec 13th- 9:38am | jeff yang, Jerry Ma, Keith Chow, Parry Shen, Shattered, Books Section, Comics, Reviews

If his work wasn’t so engrossing, we’d have to knock Charles Yu one for reinforcing nerd stereotypes about Asian American men.

Marites L. Mendoza | Thu, Nov 29th- 11:57am | Charles Yu, Sorry Please Thank You, Books Section, Fiction, Reviews

Kakugawa clears the touristy haze on our visions of Hawaii to show how the Pearl Harbor bombing and a volcano eruption jolted a destitute young Japanese American girl into living with introspection and grace.

Rebecca Huval | Wed, Nov 21st- 2:22pm | Frances H. Kakugawa, Kapoho: Memoir of a Modern Pompeii, Books Section, Fiction, Reviews

War is no laughing matter.

Joyce Chen | Mon, Nov 26th- 6:33pm | Chester Wong, [Yellow] Green Beret, Books Section, Reviews

Starry River highlights the importance of stories and story telling in defining who we are.

Sabina Chen | Thu, Oct 25th- 8:55am | Grace Lin, Starry River of the Sky, Books Section, Fiction, Reviews

Why would anyone pick a 500+ page novel for leisure reading?

Mosarrap Hossai... | Thu, Oct 18th- 1:37pm | Amitav Ghosh, River of Smoke, Books Section, Fiction, Reviews

When Nizam, a crippled Afghani woman, arrives at an American military base looking for her brother Yusuf’s body, she sets off a chain of events that tests the convictions of the soldiers.

Anisha Sridhar | Thu, Oct 11th- 9:20am | Joydeep Roy-Bhattacharya, The Watch, Books Section, Fiction, Reviews

The protagonist of Juan Rader Bas’s Back Kicks and Broken Promises is the stalwart Ricky Gilbert, the adopted Filipino American son of two white Americans.

G. Justin Hulog | Thu, Sep 27th- 9:06am | Back Kicks and Broken Promises, Juan Rader Bas, Books Section, Fiction, Reviews

Freudenberger visits the theme of love in the age of the internet in her new novel, The Newlyweds.

Anisha Sridhar | Thu, Sep 20th- 7:46pm | Nell Freudenberger, The Newlyweds, Books Section, Fiction, Reviews

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