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If there was ever literary proof that the need for love and validation drives all human actions, then Peter Tieryas Liu’s haunting collection of short stories would provide it.

Joyce Chen | Wed, Apr 10th- 3:39pm | Peter Tieryas Liu, Watering Heaven, Books Section, Fiction, Reviews

What Lin seems to have set out to do is create a noir protagonist of color, and to undermine the seedy depiction of Chinatowns that has existed in the popular mainstream as being populated by nameless and faceless Chinese people.

Noah Cho | Thu, Mar 14th- 5:14am | Ed Lin, One Red Bastard, Books Section, Fiction, Reviews

In Susan Cain’s popular and critically well received book on introversion, Asian Americans are painted with the wide brush of a “model minority” myth, yet again.

Jenny Lee | Thu, Feb 21st- 11:32am | Quiet, Susan Cain, Books Section, Reviews

Last summer, Hyphen posted seven pieces from Matthew Salesses's (then) forthcoming book, I'm Not Saying, I'm Just...

Karissa Chen | Tue, Mar 19th- 9:50am | fiction, Giveaway, Matthew Salesses, Books Section

In this collection of short stories, Ogawa creates a world that is unsettlingly quotidian.

Jee Yoon Lee | Thu, Feb 14th- 10:15am | Revenge, Yoko Ogawa, Books Section, Fiction, Reviews

Young Kenichi grows from a boy dreamer to a man, compelled to endure the hardships of the sea to achieve his goal of becoming the first person to sail solo across the Pacific Ocean.

Sabina Chen | Sat, Feb 9th- 4:44pm | Hanae Rivera, Kodoku, William Emery, Books Section, Reviews

Fresh Off the Boat is a funny romp through chef and writer Eddie Huang's adventures with sports, chicks, sneaker, guns, weed and the like.

Nina F. Ichikawa | Tue, Feb 5th- 10:06am | Eddie Huang, Florida, Francis Lam, Fresh Off the Boat, hip hop, memoir, the South, Books Section, Reviews

These Three Things

Thanhha Lai’s 2011 National Book Award-winning young adult novel Inside Out and Back Again is the story of Ha, an adolescent Vietnamese girl who lives in Saigon during the Vietnam War. When the North Vietnamese army captures Saigon in...

Cathlin Goulding | Thu, Jun 20th- 12:33pm | books section, Inside Out and Back Again, Thanhha Lai, Books, Books Section, Issue 26: The South - Spring 2013

There is a luminous quality to these portraits of the after-effects of war.

G. Justin Hulog | Thu, Jan 24th- 8:16am | Joel Pickford, Soul Calling, Books Section, Photography, Reviews

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s renowned chief medical correspondent, tackles the world of fiction with his latest book, Monday Mornings.

Joyce Chen | Thu, Jan 17th- 9:07am | Monday Mornings, Sanjay Gupta, Books Section, Fiction, Reviews

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