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The history of Taiwan and the Taiwanese is an important story, one that should not be forgotten. Wu’s writing is compelling as a witness to this story.

Sabina Chen | Fri, May 31st- 5:38am | Julie Wu, Third Son, Books Section, Fiction, Reviews

Higashino’s latest novel Salvation of a Saint plays out far more traditionally than his previous The Devotion of Suspect X, with a whodunit plot, several possible suspects, alibis, wronged women, and implausible...

Noah Cho | Thu, May 16th- 10:19am | Keigo Higashino, Salvation of a Saint, Books Section, Fiction, Reviews

Wen Jin offers a kind of metaphoric and literal translation primer for looking at multiculturalism: a way to consider narratives about things Asian found in American popular culture.

Jee Yoon Lee | Fri, May 10th- 3:28pm | Books Section, University/Academics

Steph Cha’s Follow Her Home is a fresh evolution of hardboiled fiction.

Maurene Goo | Thu, Apr 18th- 4:35am | Follow Her Home, Steph Cha, Books Section, Fiction, Reviews

Kim Wong Keltner is determinedly disputing Chua’s claims with her first work of nonfiction.

Joyce Chen | Thu, Apr 11th- 9:27am | Kim Wong Keltner, Tiger Babies Strike Back, Books Section, Reviews

It's 1920 in Los Angeles, and Japanese immigrants are spending another restive night trying not to die an ignoble death in a foreign country.

Jee Yoon Lee | Thu, Apr 4th- 4:39am | Andrew Leong, David L. Ulin, Lament in the Night, Shoson Nagahara, Books Section, Fiction, Reviews

Ruth Ozeki’s A Tale for the Time Being makes you question your experiences as a reader, as a person on this earth, and as a being in time and space.

Jenny Yap | Thu, Mar 28th- 7:28am | A Tale for the Time Being, Ruth Ozeki, Books Section, Fiction, Reviews

If there was ever literary proof that the need for love and validation drives all human actions, then Peter Tieryas Liu’s haunting collection of short stories would provide it.

Joyce Chen | Wed, Apr 10th- 3:39pm | Peter Tieryas Liu, Watering Heaven, Books Section, Fiction, Reviews

What Lin seems to have set out to do is create a noir protagonist of color, and to undermine the seedy depiction of Chinatowns that has existed in the popular mainstream as being populated by nameless and faceless Chinese people.

Noah Cho | Thu, Mar 14th- 5:14am | Ed Lin, One Red Bastard, Books Section, Fiction, Reviews

In Susan Cain’s popular and critically well received book on introversion, Asian Americans are painted with the wide brush of a “model minority” myth, yet again.

Jenny Lee | Thu, Feb 21st- 11:32am | Quiet, Susan Cain, Books Section, Reviews

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