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Apology may be a first novel, but it suffers from none of the usual first novel flaws such as fuzzy characterizations or hurried plots that feel like an editor rushed a manuscript to publication.

Sabina Chen | Thu, Aug 22nd- 8:14am | Apology, Jon Pineda, Books Section, Fiction, Reviews

The mission of the Pink Gang is to help “equality and justice for women, the lower castes, and the poor.”

Andrea Kim Taylor | Thu, Aug 15th- 6:26am | Activism, Books Section, Reviews

Three Years and Eight Months introduces young readers to the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong during World War II through the eyes of Choi, a young boy who sees his family torn apart by war.

Andrea Kim Taylor | Thu, Aug 1st- 3:42am | Icy Smith, Jennifer Kindert, Three Years and Eight Months, Books Section, Reviews

The stories in the collection display this contradiction between the old and new worlds, and of how America and views about America both bind and destroy families.

Noah Cho | Thu, Jul 25th- 5:11am | andrew lam, Birds of Paradise Lost, Books Section, Fiction, Reviews

Lively children’s book Bye, Bye, Motabhai! follows the tortuous trail of a camel while he escapes his demoralizing vegetable-cart job with the help of four adventurous children.

Rebecca Huval | Thu, Jul 18th- 4:15am | Ambika Sambasivan, Bye, children's book, Kala Sambasivan, Motabhai, Books Section, Reviews

Submit to HYPHEN's Erotic Writing Contest! Entries due by September 9, 2013

Get out your laptops and dust off your dirty minds, Hyphen readers, and let’s get loo-loose with it!

Abigail Licad | Wed, Sep 11th- 10:59am | Erotic Writing Contest, Teresa Lo, The Red Lantern Scandals, Books, Books Section, Issue 27: Sex - Summer 2013

Get out your laptops and dust off your dirty minds, Hyphen readers, and let’s get loo-loose with it!

Abigail Licad | Wed, Jul 10th- 5:46am | Erotic Writing Contest, Textual Healing, The Sex Issue, Books Section, Fiction

How does a Chinese American who has never set foot in Mississippi write an entire novel featuring black characters set in the Deep South during the early 20th century?

Jerry Dear | Tue, Jul 9th- 7:16am | Bill Cheng, Southern Cross Dog, Books Section, Fiction, Reviews

A story about a woman and her family is at the heart of The Abundance, the impressive second novel by Amit Majmudar.

Jee Yoon Lee | Thu, Jun 27th- 6:22am | Amit Majmudar, The Abundance, Books Section, Fiction, Reviews

A Novel Approach

In 2011, Juan Rader Bas pitched his novel to agents at The Writer’s Digest Conference in New York City. A New Jersey state taekwondo champion, Bas had written Back Kicks and Broken Promises, a novel about an adopted 17-year-old Filipino who finds...

Abigail Licad | Sun, Aug 4th- 2:25pm | Books, Books Section, Issue 26: The South - Spring 2013

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