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Tamiko Beyer’s collection of poems, We Come Elemental, confirms the arrival of an exciting new talent.

Abigail Licad | Thu, Dec 19th- 10:03am | Tamiko Beyer, We Come Elemental, Books Section, Reviews

Scratch the surface of every author, especially those who write for children, and you’ll find a former child booknerd. The kids who escaped their lives in piles of lovingly thumbed-through books. I was that kid. ...

Maurene Goo | Wed, Jul 16th- 11:23pm | Books Section

Aman Sethi’s non-fiction book, A Free Man: A True Story of Life and Death in Delhi, is a journalistic work that explores the life of one of those thousands of nameless workers who are a part of India’s growth story.

Mosarrap Hossai... | Fri, Nov 29th- 1:57pm | a free man, aman sethi, apia literature, Books, norton, Books Section


The combination of travel and food is always alluring. There are countless travelogues, cookbooks, and documentaries bringing diverse cultures of the world together with exciting...

Andrea Kim Taylor | Thu, Oct 24th- 2:33pm | asian american literature, food writing, jen lin-liu, travel writing, Books Section

My family’s trauma has always captivated me, but I’ve always known that it was only one story in a sea of millions. That sea is what Sheila Miyoshi Jaeger explores in Brothers at War, a detailed and captivating look at the circumstances...

Noah Cho | Thu, Oct 17th- 9:31am | Brothers at War, Sheila Miyoshi Jager, Books Section, History, Reviews

San Francisco's annual Lit Crawl is the city's preeminent literary event, and for the second year in a row ...

Nicole Wong | Wed, Oct 9th- 7:22am | Books, Lit Crawl, Mission District, Poetry, san francisco, The Hyphen Reader, Books Section, Community, Events, Hyphen Events, Sex


Thien-Kim Lam’s story, “Pho for Two” is the winner of Hyphen magazine’s Erotic Writing Contest. Teresa Lo, author of...
Thien-Kim Lam | Tue, Feb 11th- 1:06pm | Books Section

In Hyphen’s last issue, books editor Abigail Licad posed a question: Can Asian American lit get its sexy back? We asked and we...
Cathlin Goulding | Mon, Dec 16th- 2:31pm | Books Section

Introducing The Hyphen Reader, a brand new literary initiative from Hyphen!

Karissa Chen | Sun, Jan 5th- 5:42pm | Books, fiction, Literature, Poetry, poetry, The Hyphen Reader, Books Section


Heroism defines much of what happens in comic books. But the lines between hero and villain may depend on who tells the story.

Jee Yoon Lee | Sun, Sep 29th- 1:04pm | Boxers and Saints, Gene Luen Yang, Books Section, Comics, Reviews

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