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Fresh Off the Boat is not just about Asian America seeing itself for the first time in mainstream media. It’s that we see ourselves while other non-Asian Americans can see us at the same time, too. 

Ky-Phong Tran | Tue, Apr 14th- 1:17pm | ABC, asian americans, Blogger Column, Constance Wu, Eddie Huang, Fresh Off the Boat, Hudson Yang, Randall Park

How I paid homage to a girlhood icon on her 40th birthday, and passed down the love to the next generation.

Theresa Celebra... | Mon, Dec 15th- 10:50am | Blogger Column, hello kitty, hello kitty con, sanrio, Culture, Parenthood

Words of wisdom from an iron-willed and kindhearted trailblazer.

Abigail Licad | Thu, Nov 6th- 9:20am | America by the Numbers, Blogger Column, Latino USA, Maria Hinojosa, Profiles, Race

Hyphen is collaborating with NPR's Latino USA to explore Latino-Asian intersections and foster solidarity. Submit now! 

Abigail Licad | Wed, Nov 12th- 10:20am | Blogger Column, Latino USA, Race & Culture, Activism, Community, Culture, Essay, History, Politics, Race, Social Issues, Social Justice

Hyphen columnist Theresa Celebran Jones considers how to help her children recognize injustice and stand in solidarity with others.

Theresa Celebra... | Mon, Dec 15th- 10:51am | Blogger Column, kids, solidarity, Community, News & Politics, Parenthood, Race, Social Issues, Social Justice

Hyphen columnist Theresa Celebran Jones writes about her attempts to adapt her lifestyle for healthier living.


Theresa Celebra... | Wed, Aug 27th- 1:56pm | Blogger Column, body image, cooking, fitness, fitspiration, health, maria kang, Food, Health & Environment

As race and racism-conscious parents, is there a right way to freak out about how our children grapple with issues of racial identity?

Theresa Celebra... | Wed, Aug 27th- 1:58pm | Barbie, Blogger Column, blonde, identity, Race, Parenthood

Mr. Hyphen 2013 dishes about his views on Asian American masculinity, strength in multiple identities, and his advice for Mr. Hyphen hopefuls. 

Abigail Licad | Thu, May 22nd- 1:51pm | Blogger Column, Sean Miura, Mr. Hyphen

It's always a victory to see more of our stories being told on television. So who should we rely on to bring more of those stories into the fold?

Theresa Celebra... | Tue, Apr 15th- 10:34am | aswang, Blogger Column, grimm, Mindy Kaling, reggie lee, The Mindy Project, TV

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